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Ghosts of Speed

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€ 15,00
Ghosts of Speed


DVD available on december 8th. Pre-order for NL can be made online, international pre-order please contact us by email

Ghosts of Speed is a documentary dedicated to the fastest windsurfers in the Netherlands. Speedsurfing can be seen as the Formule 1 of windsurfing. This spectacular high-speed discipline is becoming more and more an important discipline in windsurfing. In this project, we have full co-operation of all the fastest speed surfers and speed teams in the Netherlands, and this will guarantee footage and captures of the highest level of speed surfing in the world, since Dutch riders have been strong performers in the international speed ranking for a few years now on The Movie project is a modern concept of a documentary, showing watersport action and the beautiful scenery of the country. The Nature part of the movie is made important with time lapses and stop motion to integrate the video footages. All contributers are involved or linked to the windsurf-scene and the passion for windsurfing is the main reason for making this movie. With this movie we show the audience how windsurfing evolved to an incredible extreme-sport. The movie will also be supported by exclusive music-tracks produced by Bluman (DubStep, Electronic and Ambient).

Price of the DVD is €10.- + €2.50 shipping costs for NL.

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