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Fanatic Falcon Slalom 2014

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Fanatic Falcon Slalom 2014


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A speed revolution, refined. For down-the-slalom-course speed, the Falcon is the first choice for podium finishers everywhere. Last year saw big chances in the Falcon range with great results; for 2014 we’ve taken rider feedback and incorporated minor refinements to these test-winning shapes. The entire Falcon range has been under close analysis both on the water and in our CAD system. The design objectives were simple: acceleration, top speed, and jibing performance. The ultimate goal: the perfect blend of all three that guarantees Slalom wins. While the top speed of the Falcon was often unrivaled, we aimed at improving control and turning ability. The softened rails in the front half of the board support superb jibing performance. We’ve tuned and adjusted the cut-outs to increase control at the same time.

The bottom shape has been modified to deliver better acceleration in combination with better jibing. Adjusted V shapes in the front half with a slightly adjusted release of the tail deliver the best mix ever achieved. While tuning the bottom shape, we have left the scoop rocker line untouched, as this is the main design feature of the shape and it has proven to be the fastest we could find.

The Falcon comes in high-end, lightweight and stiff Biax Carbon Light construction. For Falcon-style performance in a more cost-effective, Freeride-friendly construction, check the Fanatic Ray – the exact same shape as the race-winning Falcon. For true light-wind performance around an upwind-downwind Slalom course – or for the ability to cover ground at high speed at your local sailing spot – check out the PWA-competition-ready 130 and 140 liter models. On the GPS speed course, the ultra-fast Speed models at just 45 and 51 cm of width are ready to take on the nuclear winds. Pure Slalom performance, acceleration and now, speed in turns. You’ll be truly flying with the Falcon.

Adjusted and added tail cut-outs on each size:
1cm deep cut-outs on all the small boards 90,100,110 for better acceleration, top speed and board balance. On our larger boards 120,130,140 we have a new cut-out concept starting with a lower 1cm deep section for early planing going into a deeper section of 2cm for better release and less drag whilst giving amazing top-end performance. This feature also enhances the jibing performance as you are able to further engage this section of the board in the turn. Slight rail cut-outs on the two PWA light-wind boards, the 130 and 140, for better acceleration.
The tail wing concept on our larger sizes reduces drag and gives you faster acceleration. This is the perfect outline concept as you need the power from the width of the board under your back foot, however reducing the planing surface is crucial for acceleration and top speed.

Key Features
- Mast base recessed into the deck for more control
- Tail cut-outs’ size increased and adjusted
- Slight rail cut-outs on the two PWA light-wind boards 130 and 140 for better acceleration
- Straightened tail outlines between the straps for more comfort and better control
- Drawn pintails for low friction/drag and easy jibing/carving
- Comfort heel rail – adjusted rail under the back foot combined with slightly more tucked-under edge increases comfort, control and smooth carving/jibing
- Thin, soft rails in the front section of the board and increased V towards the nose for cutting through chop and better jibing
- Shallow double concaves – balanced for maneuvers and cutting through chop
- Compact Design Concept (CDC)
- Proven super fast scoop rocker line with shorter flat section and higher entry
- Release kick – slight tail kick for endless release and no speed limits
- Reduced V in the tail area for a neutral board trim

Peter Volwater, Top PWA Slalom Racer:
"The goal for the all new Falcon, next to winning races, was to improve the overall performance and develop these animals another step further. Early acceleration and effortless speed are important aspects when you need to perform to the max and have a lot of fun racing. Like for us in PWA, for the regular slalom sailor a good board trim is also super important; not touching in the nose area riding straight over the chop allows you to keep your stance steady and your speed up to overtake others while staying fully sheeted in. By optimizing the shape details, we managed to reduce the drag with less interference in choppy waters, gain control and improve the jibing, keeping that fast Falcon feeling that Sebastian Wenzel's shapes are renowned for. These boards are simply faster and ride easier with even more control!"