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Fanatic Fly Air 10'6"

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Fanatic Fly Air 10'6"

De scherpst geprijsde inflatable SUP op de markt. Compleet met Fanatic Paddle € 899.-

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€ 699,00

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 Het beste allround inflatable SUP board op de markt. Incl. peddel voor slechts €899.-


Get pumped-up on the biggest and funnest health craze sweeping the planet in awesome new portable packages. Based on the proven hard-shell Fly models, these three travel-friendly allround shapes will blow your mind with familiar waveriding rocker lines and rails. Easy paddling from beginners to almost any kind of surf, experience perfect glide for cruising with flat, wide-decked shapes for stability and easy turning. Supplied with a handy back pack, pump and optional 3-piece paddles, you’re all set to see the world from new angles with a big board adventure in a bag. Using rugged Dropstitch PVC Technology, our boards boast extra layers of post-inflation lamination for extra stiffness, and removable cutting-edge Future Style fins to match any hard board performance.

FLY AIR 9’0” × 31”
A bulletproof, dynamic shape for younger or more
progressive riders who need an easy-to-transport shape for surfing conditions. A Tri-Fin / Thruster set will see you blow other hard and inflatable shapes out of the water. Hard enough to take knocks on the rocks, it’s easy to store and inflates in minutes.

FLY AIR 10’6” × 34”
Perhaps the most multipurpose product on the market. Born of the classic hard shell Fly 10’6”, this is no inflatable tailored to the ocean – it’s based on the most popular shape in our hard shell range – but with extra width for stability and comfort. Perfect for genuine surfing performance, cruising and maximum family fun – all packed in a handy bundle. Make sure there’s one in your trunk ready to hit the water at any opportunity.


Special ergonomic backpack with padded shoulder straps, backside protection and special separate compartments for pump as well as fins and tools. Side compartment for paddle storage (3-pcs.)


The material used for the Fly Air is a durable Tarpaulin PVC. On the inside of the Fly Air thousands of nylon threads connect the deck with the bottom of the board to keep it in a functional and performing shape. A comfortable ¾ deck EVA footpad, removable Tri-Fins, a quality pump and carry bag, make the Fly Air unbeatable in value!


»I was really surprised and pleased with the Fly Air. To be honest, before I had tried it I was a bit skeptical about it and how the performance would be, but after using it, my thoughts changed radically. It is true that it feels different from a normal board, but once you are on it, you can enjoy some nice rides. I have used it in flat water, just cruising around and it was pretty fun, and I have also used it on some waves and I have to say it was really good fun too, honestly. The fact that you can easily carry it around without the hassle that sometimes is the size of a normal board makes up for the small disadvantages you might find in high-performance compared to a regular board. Also, for very beginners in SUP and for kids I think it is a great concept, as they are a lot softer in case you fall while you are learning. So all in all, I definitely think it is a really good toy to have fun with both on flat water and with some waves too.

For me as a professional windsurfer, transporting my gear is always a nightmare with well over 100 kg at every check in or when travelling by car. Often I would need to leave my SUP board at home, as it simply is too large to fly with and just adds to the already big pile of gear I have. But the package size of the Fly Air is just perfect and I can slip it easily into my existing bags I carry anyway, or just for a quick ride to the beach in the boot of the car, so practical!«