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Ga-Sails 2016 Savage

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Ga-Sails 2016 Savage

The Savage delivers the highest level of freerace performance in an easy and simple no cam rig.

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SAVAGE ALL THE ADVANTAGES OF A RACE SAIL WITHOUT THE DISADVANTAGES OF CAMS! GYBES LIKE A FREERIDE SAIL BUT HAS SPEED LIKE A RACE SAIL. The Savage delivers the highest level of freerace performance in an easy and simple no cam rig. Designed to rig without fuss whilst still offer cammed race sail speeds. The 7 tube battens increase the stability and control of this rig beyond that of a normal no cam sail and its racing outline and luff curve enable the rider to match the speeds of other sailors using heavier, technical rigs. The new panel layout feature with fewer seams makes the sail lighter and more efficient in the jibes.Refined shaping techniques and a luff curve change has made for better straight-line speed and acceleration. New batten shaping in the front third of the sail has made for a smoother, more balanced ride. Our stabilised head configuration and posi leech system keep the power locked, ready for you to sheet in and go! All the advantages of a race sail without the disadvantages of cams! Gybes like a freeride sail but has speed like a race sail. What more could you ask for? CEDRIC BORDES “I would happily take the savage when I am practicing for a PWA race. My speed is competitive, and I actually feel a benefit of having a lighter rig and no cams in the gybes. A normal level guy might find that their results on the savage are better then on a cammed sail.” RECOMMENDED PRODUCTS