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GA-Sails 2018 Manic HD  5.8 yel/or

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GA-Sails 2018 Manic HD 5.8 yel/or

Manic HD Hardcore wave The all new manic has more range and performance than ever before. We have combined our ever-popular Poison range from 2017 and earlier into the larger sizes that now round out the lighter wind range of the Manic. One range of sails for all conditions.

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€ 399,00

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Wave sailors, storm-riders and bump and jumpers looking for exceptional performance to handle any conditions anywhere, anytime, and every place.

A staple of the GA line up, the Manic is a proven classic for many of our pro team. A perfect allrounder that inspires greatness in any conditions the weather throws at you. Whether you are looking for ultimate control during stormy winter days or want to make the most of the best waves of the season, the Manic has the tools to deliver.

The larger sizes 5.4 to 6.2 maximize power and early planning replacing the famous GA Poison range. The 4.7 and 5.0 are completely re-designed to close the gap between early planing performance and top end control. The smaller sizes 3.3 to 4.5 focus on the classic Manic control and maneuverability ready to take on the toughest battles in the sea. 

The result is an all new depth and progression in the Manic range that puts you first in the water and last out of the water!