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GA Sails Savage 2015

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GA Sails Savage 2015


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The Savage is a high performance no cam freerace sail. It has all of the features of a race sail, but in a more user-friendly no cam package. Ideal for those sailors with a real need for speed without wanting the excess baggage of a cambered sail. The Savage gives you everything … and a little extra. Perfectly suited for freerace blasting by yourself or equally at home on a slalom course. 7 tube rod battens gives heaps of control and range. A dropped tack that allows it to be rigged further down for a better slot closure. Racing style open leech makes for a more high-end performance-oriented sail than any other normal no cam freeride sail. The narrow sleeve and no cams provide light handling especially when throwing the sail into jibes.

R&D Details

For 2015 we made a new design with a Posi Leech, Compact Batten Positioning and a stabilized Head, which makes the sail lighter in the hands and more balanced. We added shape in the front panels and a little up higher in the sail to increase the performance in lighter winds. We adjusted the luff curve and opened the loose leech in the top of the sail to increase the range and acceleration. We also reduced the length of the dropped clew, putting it closer to the leech for added stability. Our trademark features such as C-Film make the 2015 Savage crisper and more transparent, with new flashy colours. A radial panel layout and newly designed tack fairing round off the professional finish of this range, whilst the latest head and clew fairings provide additional protection of the exposed areas of the sail, keeping your sail looking new.



  • - Posi Leech
  • - Compact Batten Positioning
  • - Stabilized Head Configuration
  • - Smaller dropped clew
  • - Revised panel layout with less seams
  • - Adjusted luff curve for a smoother curve
  • - More loose leech at the top
  • - New seam shaping: more shape up in the sail
  • - Front seams positioned slightly further back in the sail
  • - Use of NEW C-Film for better durability and performance
  • - Radial Panel Layout 3G: improved layout for perfect locked in sail shape, smooth profile, twist control and durability
  • - 3D EVA mast protector. New design, more user friendly, much easier to handle for maximum shock-absorbing and minimal weight
  • - 3D mast head protector for maximum shock-absorbing and minimal weight
  • - Vario Top protector. This little feature protects the exposed adjustment webbing from wear and tear
  • - Dropped clew – shorter boom, improved lower twist
  • - Seven battens
  • - No cambers
  • - Drop tack with tension strap – 100% race sail performance
  • - Compact outline with shorter luff – the power stays low in the sail
  • - Dynamic twist pattern – smooth behavior and blistering acceleration


“The feedback has been so positive for this sail. No one can believe that it’s got no cams. It’s such a stable sail and has an unmatched top end speed in its class. It’s a real head turner!”

Bottom Line

All the advantages of a race sail without all the disadvantages of cams! Jibes like a freeride sail but has speed like a race sail. What more could you ask for?