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Gaastra 2014 60 RDM

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Gaastra 2014 60 RDM


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Gaastra 60 RDM 


Gaastra masts have been re-engineered to provide ultimate durability without compromising performance. Our factory has pristine standards reflecting quality in workmanship, top of the line materials and perfect bend characteristics. All this delivers the best products for our team as well as everyone else who trust the Gaastra name!


Entry level RDM mast with value in mind. Made in China this mast gets you dialed in to the future, RDM masts are here to stay. Built with the latest pre-preg technologies, the 60% carbon will be a great starter mast. 

340 60% 1,75 15 IPS ** No
370 60% 1.85 17 IPS ** No
400 60% 1.95 19 IPS ** No

** IPS on base only!

The Invisible Polyamid Surface For 2008, Gaastra introduces the IPS Mast Shield. An invisible barrier from a patented “Prepreg Force Tank” takes durability and light weight to a new standard. The mast is sealed with a polyamid surface coating making the mast 100% scratch and dent resistant. The strength of these new “Gold & Silver series” masts have been tested at 45% stronger than our previous models. After continuous abuse, the masts look new, stay strong and perform without compromise.

Gaastra 60 RDM