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Gaastra Savage 2014

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Gaastra Savage 2014


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The Savage is a no cam slalom sail, which has all the features of a race sail, but in a much more accessible package, with no cambers.
If you compare it to a classic free ride sail, the SAVAGE comes with 7 tube rod battens. A dropped tack that allows it to be rigged further down for a better gap
closure, making it a more high end performance ori- FACTS ented sail. It is perfectly suited to freerace and slalom boards. The narrow sleeve and no cams make it very user friendly in the jibes.


All the advantages of a race sail without all the dis- advantages of cambers! Jibes like a free ride sail, has speed like a race sail. What more could you ask for?


  • use of C-Film // for better durability and perfor- mance
  • Radial Panel Layout 3G: improved layout for per- fect and locked in sail shape, smooth profile, twist control and durability
  • 3D EVA mast protector // New design, more user friendly, much easier to handle for maximum shock-absorbing and minimal weight
  • 3D mast head protector // for maximum shock- absorbing and minimal weight
  • Vario Top protector // this little feature protects the exposed adjustable webbing from wear and tear.
  • dropped clew // shorter boom, improved lower twist 
  • seven battens
  • no cambers
  • Drop tack with tension strap // 100% race sail per- formance
  • Compact outline with shorter luff // the power stays low in the sail.
  • Dynamic twist pattern // smooth behavior and blistering acceleration