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JP Freestyle 100 2013

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JP Freestyle 100 2013



PRO Pro Edition in Carbon Innegra Technology

€ 1.999,00

€ 999,00

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PRO Pro Edition in Carbon Innegra Technology


We have signed the best freestyler on this planet to develop the very best freestyle board on earth. We think we got it.

Before Steven came on board he obviously tried our 2012 boards and was positively surprised how well they worked.
It was immediately clear that Werner did not need to reinvent the wheel for the 2013 line but just needed to further develop the existing concept and refine it to keep up with the progression of the new freestyle power moves.

Today there are a lot of double power moves and combinations such as the double burner, culo into the spock, spock into kono, forward loop into flaka, double culo or even switch kono into burner. Steven basically comes up with something new every week. All of these moves require a fast and direct board with lots of explosive pop and the ability to pop a 2nd, 3rd or even 4th time in succession. Obviously it also needs to rotate super fast that’s why we kept them short!


By increasing the tail thickness and width, we created a platform that provides instant pop making the double and triple moves much more possible. For all the new combination moves extra speed and a more loose feeling was needed.

We tuned up the trim and moved the mast track and the fin slightly back which loosens up the ride and makes the boards sit higher on the water resulting in more speed for the power moves!!!

In order to keep the speed up whilst switch stance, extra volume was added underneath the feet resulting in a more upright sailing position with a solid platform under the feet.
This way he can directly transfer as much pressure as possible onto the tail for instant, explosive pop when going for the switch stance power moves and and double jump rotations.
The volume and thickness changed, resulting in a very even and smooth deck radius.
The kink in the tail outline is still there allowing the rider to do moves more radically by pushing hard on the back foot.

From the tail to just behind the mastbase the tucked-under edges have been sharpened for additional grip, acceleration and speed.

Known features like the bevel on the bottom from the mast base forward and the full deck/rail radius are still there to guarantee maintaining speed during sliding and combination moves.

The boards come with a modern rather short “new School” freestyle fin. The narrow and upright design develops lots of lift and responds quickly for radical moves.

In addition to all these new features we also developed a new freestyle footstrap with double screws: The straps feel more solid, give you a direct feel and accommodate all sizes of feet. They even work great for people with large feet wearing booties. Special care was taken to make the inside edges more comfortable even when going switch stance.


Nobody knows what Steven and the other freestyle guys will come up with next. In a few months from now we will see stuff we thought impossible. Our new boards are ready for it. Nothing is holding your creativity back and stops you from learning new moves anymore!