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JP Windsup Allround Air LE 11'0 2016

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JP Windsup Allround Air LE 11'0 2016

The 11’0″x34″ is a new size that will suit the most people getting into stand-up paddling due to the added width for stability and length for directional glide. To maximize the potential of this shape we have added a windsurfing option model as well – integrated mast plug and an additional center fin.
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Full-on paddle AND windsurf boards!

When we came up with the inflatables, the windsurfers in our company were always curious how they would feel as a windsurf boards. So, we decided to make a sample and they liked it and saw some potential for these products. But the real surprise came when the riders of the JP windsurf team used them: they really liked these toys and it was obvious that they had a fun time on the water.

Enjoy both, windsurfing AND paddling!

The LE stands for ‘Light Edition’ – Light weight, Light design and Light on your pocket!

The drop-stich material itself is thinner than our standard JP double-layer edition. Therefore the boards are lighter, yet they retain a very similar stiffness as JP double-layer edition inflatables. This has been achieved with a special lamination bond to Cross-Linked Space Yarn during the material production. The new material that we use for LE boards is not to be compared to the competition ‘single-skin’ inflatables which are often not 100% airtight and are much softer than our stiff LE boards.

The fact that the drop-stitch material itself is thinner carries a risk of an easier damage if the board is not handled with care. Sharp rocks and frequent abrasion on concrete or asphalt may result in damage to the surface easier than with a standard JP double-layer edition board. The advantages of the LE edition include the facts that the boards are almost half the weight of some of the competition boards in the same size. They can be rolled tightly and therefore take almost half the space of some of the competition boards. This led us to developing a more compact bag.

To keep the boards light on your pocket we opted for a minimalist design in white color. We supply the boards with high pressure single-stroke pump and they come in single fin option.
The windsurf model comes with an additional center fin, fin box and a mast plug.

Tech & Finish LE: light drop-stitch technology, inflatable hull with EVA deck.
Board comes with:
PE (polyethylene) fin, EVA standing area, leash D-ring, deck bungee, towing D-ring, backpack, high pressure single-stroke pump and repair kit.
WS: the windsurf version comes with a plug for the mastbase and an additional center fin.