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Mistral Makani paddle 1 piece full carbon 7'5-16 blade

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Mistral Makani paddle 1 piece full carbon 7'5-16 blade

MAKANI 7.5" X 16" HIGH ASPECT POWER Available as 1, 2 or 3 piece break apart. A high aspect blade, is defined by having long straight side edges in relation to its width. This creates a powerful, well-balanced blade, with its centre of effort being positioned more or less, mid way up the height of the blade.
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A high aspect blade shape, is not a new concept, indeed American Indian and African river and coastal based tribes used this style and continue to do so, in even larger, taller form. Standing and paddling, presents some interesting leverage challenges in relation to a paddler's centre of gravity and therefore balance and how effficiently they can generate propulsion to the board. One added advantage of the high aspect blade, is that its shape permits it to remain vertical for longer, so as it does not 'trip over itself' so readily. The shape actually promotes improved paddling technique. Paddling with this blade shape, it pays to adopt a marginally more vertical exit with less 'feathering'. A great cruising or for flat water racing blade.

The Makani is available in 3 formats

  • 1 piece 83.5" (212cm) before cutting down.
  • 2 piece adjustable. Minimum height 69" (176cm) - maximum height 89" (226cm)
  • 3 piece adjustable break apart. Minimum height 69" (176cm) - maximum height 89" (226cm)

Clamps - Single flat-head screw adjustment clamping system, lighter and more efficient than a dual screw clamp.
Break apart shaft for the 3 piece - There's a single spring-pin and we've 'scarfed' the shaft to create a dove-tail to improve the fitment.

Key Features

  • 7.5" x 16" blade 
  • High aspect
  • Marginal upper spline to split water evenly at end of stroke
  • Marginal blade concave
  • Palm grip
  • Shaft flex moderate
  • Blade tip to top of grip incremental measurments in inches and cm
  • Round shaft