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Mistral Sumatra inflatable 10'6

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Mistral Sumatra inflatable 10'6

SUNNY DAYS OF FUN Our Tribe boards make the first time SUP experience as good as it could possibly be.
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Our Tribe boards make the first time SUP experience as good as it could possibly be.

We’ve pulled the nose in tight to make up-wind paddling smoother and the board streamlined from the paddler’s perspective when on board. A wide tail adds huge gains in stability. Entry level boards require certain design features in order to provide the best possible, first time learner experience. The obsession to want to create overly wide boards and simple elliptical shapes, lack character and any real functionality, accept stability. 

'Creating a stable SUP board, does not mean it has to be featureless. Having trained several hundred SUP instructors and worked with many SUP schools, the feedback has been universal. The board should have a nose section which can handle chop upwind and be shaped to promote speed and stability. A wide rear section provides the stability, while the narrowing toward the nose, gives a pleasant, streamlined feel to the board the first time paddler appreciates. A cargo net and a D-Ring for towing and securing, front and back, plus the addition of a nose grab handle, all come together to make for an exceptional entry level board for all-comers and a practical platform for school operators and instructors,'  - Steve West, Former CEO Academy of Surfing Instructors (ASI), co-founder of Water Skills Academy (WSA), author of Stand Up Paddle - A Paddlers Guide book and design co-ordinator for Mistral.

Key features:

Body Weight Indicators: The ideal body-weight (mass) of the paddler suited to this board, is up to, or below the first weight indicated.
Beyond the optimum body weight and up to the maximum, the board's performance will be compromised.
We suggest the board is not suited to body weights above the maximum indicated.​

  • 10’6 x 31" x 6" x 22lbs Optimum body mass <187lbs maximum <192lbs
  • 320cm x 78.74cm x 15.24cm x 10.0kgs Optimum body mass <85kg maximum <90kg
  • Stainless steel leash D-ring
  • Nose and tail stainless D-ring for towing and anchoring
  • Nose grab handle
  • Centre carry handle
  • Easy slide in fin secured with push-in pin, no tools required
  • Bow cargo net
  • Super stable
  • Wave piercing bow shape
  • Brushed and diamond EVA