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Naish Ride (Kite Only) CC2 Grey/Yellow

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Naish Ride (Kite Only) CC2 Grey/Yellow

This two-strut, incredibly lightweight kite is great for everyday kiteboarders looking for ease and simplicity.

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All-Around Freeride


This two-strut, incredibly lightweight kite is great for everyday kiteboarders looking for ease and simplicity. Its open center section provides superior low-end performance and creates a luffing effect while maintaining smooth power delivery through turns. Reduced surface area in the wing tip, combined with sweep, allow the kite to rotate with minimal drag on the water, which results in very easy water relaunch. This, along with a slightly flattened arc, provides more lift for easy jumping and “sheet-in-and-go” feel. The latest update for the Ride features re-oriented struts and seams, allowing for improved efficiency and better airflow throughout the kite. 


Sizes: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14


  • NEW High-flow valve
  • NEW Canopy stabilizer
  • Lightweight, two-strut design
  • “Sheet-in-and-go” feel & easy jumping
  • Superior low-end performance
  • Incredible wing stability while resting on the water
  • Effortless water relaunch


Airmax Pump

(Sold Separately)

Making the experience of kite-inflation practically effortless, the all new Airmax Pump is the fastest and easiest on the market to date.


Ride Bag


Open top drawstring design = quick packing
Mesh drainage patch at bottom
External loops + adjustable straps = hold pump + extra gear


NEW Canopy Stabilizer


Trailing edge reinforcement for reduced flutter and canopy sheer/wear


NEW High Flow Valve


One way valve for reduced frictional force + easy inflation + immediate deflation


Increased Leading Edge Curvature in Wing Tip Area


Effortless water relaunch + less drag


Two-strut Design


Lightweight + amazing low-end power




Profile stability at low angle of attack


Center of Effort/Tow Point Alignment


Stability at different angles of attack for consistent forward drive and lift


Super Lightweight, Anodized Alloy Pulley


Reduces weight + increases durability