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Naish Sail Grand Prix LTD 4.6 2012

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Naish Sail Grand Prix LTD 4.6 2012

Grand Prix 2012

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Grand Prix 2012

The 2012 sails introduce by Naish offer uncompromised performance. All sail models went through an extensive process of research and development and have been carefully tuned to offer the best performance in their class. The 2012 Grand Prix is especially designed to take slalom competitions to a new level. As the manufacturer states the Grand Prix blends extraordinary slalom performance with exquisite freeride handling.

Crafting a racing sail which blends power with control was not an easy task, but the Naish team has done a great job and the Grand Prix sail is ready to win many world class competitions. The sail is shaped using a special 3D mold which improves stability and control. It features a moderate aspect ratio which assured improved aerodynamic performance and generates a smooth and fast glide. The Naish Grand Prix uses a single Scrim luff panel and a medium sleeve to balance power delivery and keep the rider in control in a wide range of conditions.

The sail is very powerful, yet easy to handle. It features a three cam design, but it is easy to rig and operate. Once launched on the waves it feels light and agile. It accelerates like a rocket and reaches an impressive top speed. A seven battens configuration featuring four tubes keeps the sail steady and optimizes foil tension. The Naish Grand Prix is available in 5.2 up to 8.8 square meters sizes and two color schemes. It is a powerful weapon in the hands of an experienced slalom sailor.