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Naish Sail Rally 2012

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Naish Sail Rally 2012

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The 2012 sail lineup introduced by Naish is amazing. All sails are constructed using the latest technology and the best fabrics and offer unmatched performance out on the waves. The 2012 Rally is one of the most versatile freeride sails available today. It is crafted on a similar pattern as the 2011 version, but features new tweaks which make it better.

The sail is crafted using an innovative shaping technology intended to improve overall performance. A single scrim luff panel improves power delivery and light wind performance and makes the sail very responsive in the hands of the rider. The narrower sleeve combined with the optimized battens geometry improve handling and allow the rider to operate the sail without effort. Naish has used a six battens skeleton to keep the sail very stable in a wide range of wind and wave conditions. The no cam design simplifies rigging. The sail is built using top quality X-Ply fabrics and Vilylester battens. The great thing about the Naish Rally is that it suits different riding skills depending on size.

The large and medium-large sizes provide extra speed and improved early planning potential and are exceptional freeride machines, while the small and medium-small sizes suit beginner riders and kids. The smaller Rally sails offer smooth power delivery and increased stability and they can also be used as trainer sails. The Naish Rally is a sail for the whole family. It blends speed and power with amazing control and stability.