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North Sails 18 Platinum SDM Series

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North Sails 18 Platinum SDM Series

For World Cup pros and equipment freaks


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For World Cup pros and equipment freaks


Featuring the ALUTEX.SHIELD (at the base) and combining it with the POLY.SHIELD surface all PLATINUM SDM masts not only offer maximum protection against abrasion but also increase the durability by approx. 20%. 


We are so confident that we are the first brand to introduce an unconditional 2-year warranty on a 100% carbon mast! The highly individual, extremely dynamic PLATINUM RDM is now produced using the AERO 1.0 construction achieving a weight reduction of more than 30% compared to its predecessor! This also explains why freestyle record champion Gollito Estredo and wave hero Victor Fernandez use the PLATINUM AERO only, even in the toughest conditions! All SDM lengths, particularly the large ones however feature race-oriented constructions. Of course both RDM and SDM are manufactured using the AEROSPACE. PREPREG.TECHNOLOGY, the most precise and sophisticated technology currently available.




Mast lengths (cm) RDM   370 | 400 | 430

Mast lengths (cm) SDM   400 | 430 | 460 | 490




Key features

> 01   Carbon: 100%

> 02   Carbon-quality: T800

> 03   Resin-quality: SENTEXTM

04   Outside protection: NATURAL.WHITE.POLYAMID (SDM) 

> 05   Special: SDM: ALUTEX.SHIELD (base only) / RDM: D4.SHIELD