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Prolimit Sessionbag Freeride

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Prolimit Sessionbag Freeride

€ 229,00

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Session Bag

Our Session bag is our quiver bag. Fit your complete windsurf quiver. The session bag wave is based on quiver till 5.6 (mast till 430). The Freeride is based on quiver till 7.0 (mast till 490). The race one fit the entire big quiver bigger than 7.0. New for 2014 is the universal wheel base, fits all size of the aero session bag and the Windsurf session board and Session bag. Improved wheel base for easy carrying. Base is optional!

  • Bottom compartment fits all booms, top compartment all sails
  • Masts are packed between the booms and sails
  • Each compartment has individual securing straps
  • Mast compartment, padded base and end
  • Removable wheeled base allows flexibility between transit and car top use
  • Bag fits: 4-5 sails, 3-4 booms, 4 masts plus rest quiver
  • Car roof attachment points on the side of the bag to protect your sails
  • New 1 wheel base for all size. Improved for easy carrying
  • Wheel base not included, separate option!
  • Improved: new aerodynamic shape. A wider base and middle to fit all NEW boom shapes


size: mast 430
length: 235
width (front): 45,4
width (back): 54
height (front): 22
height (back): 22
Weight: 4.25 kg


size: mast 490
length: 268
width (front): 45,4
width (back): 59
height (front): 22
height (back): 22
Weight: 4.75 kg


size: mast w520
length: 298
width (front): 45,4
width (back): 62
height (front): 22
height (back): 22
Weight: 5.1 kg