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Starboard 2015 Futura Wood

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Starboard 2015 Futura Wood


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The Futuras are Starboard's freerace boards. Freerace boards are designed to go extremely fast, like slalom boards, but with more user-friendliness and more comfort. They are the sports cars of windsurfing


When they were first introduced in 2008, Starboard's Futuras revolutionary design redefined the freerace category: 15% thinner profile and wider outline, inspired by the evolution of modern slalom boards, offered the casual freerider a board that was very stable at low speed yet extremely fast and powerful throughout an incredibly wide wind range.

For 2015, all Futuras have been upgraded once more, to more efficient, wider and slimmer shapes. The sizing denominations have adjusted accordingly: 90, 97, 104, 114, 124, 134.

With improving control of these new shapes, larger widths can be handled in a wider wind range, thus Starboard introduces two new larger sizes: the Futuras 144 and 154.

To make the most out of the Futuras, we strongly recommend each Futura to be used with three fins: one for larger sails, one for medium-sized sails and one for maxed-out conditions. The supplied fin is the ideal middle fin, so the other two fins should be 2-3 cm larger and smaller than the supplied fin. Tapping into this extra wide wind range will be a revelation for its owner since most windsurfers don’t realize just how wide the wind range can be thanks to this little tuning tip.

With its deep deck concave, we also recommend the rider’s boom to be placed 2cm higher than usual.

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