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Starboard 2015 Isonic 90 Carbon

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Starboard 2015 Isonic 90 Carbon


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The iSonics are Starboard’s slalom boards

They are fast racing machines designed for the highest top speeds, the highest average speeds, the quickest accelerations with powerful overtaking abilities throughout a wide wind range.

The range itself is designed around the PWA’s three board format: a perfect quiver covering all conditions can be achieved by selecting one board most suitable from each of the iSonic’s three size-categories.

The three smallest sizes are most narrow and shaped specifically for high-wind conditions. The two middle sizes are compact designs for maximum performance across a wide wind range, particularly medium wind strengths. The three largest sizes are extra-wide designs emphasizing light wind performance.

2015 marks the year where all iSonics follow the same slim compact design concept, even the high wind models that used to be longer and more classic.

The iSonic 80 and iSonic 87 are thus thinner, shorter, and wider at the front footstrap level to the mast track. The planing area is narrower behind the back footstrap for a more tapered shape. A new rocker line is used for these two sizes, tuned for their new concept shapes.

The iSonic 90 and iSonic 97 is wider between the footstraps for more stability, but not wider overall since they were already in the compact shape concept. Slightly narrower planing surface behind the back straps. The double concave is replaced with flat Vee in the 90. The iSonic 97 keeps its concaves for added lift in medium winds.

The iSonic 107 is 1 cm wider at its max, wider between the straps: more stability, earlier planing and quicker acceleration; but narrower planing surface behind the back footstrap for more top end speed and average speed. It’s thinner overall and it keeps the same rocker, Vee and concave.

The iSonic 110, iSonic 120 and iSonic 130 are the lightwind models. The max widths stay the same; widths are increased between the straps but the planing surface is made narrower behind the back footstraps.

All-new shapes and completely upgraded throughout the range, the new iconic iSonics are leaner, quicker and faster than ever before.