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Starboard Go Windsurfer 2016

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Starboard Go Windsurfer 2016

The GO: Starboard’s iconic range of progressive freeriders. They are the original, comfortable, stable all-round designs that have ushered in modern windsurfing by making it easy to progress, from beginner to advanced. They’re about getting planing, hooking into the harness, learning to waterstart, learning to windsurf with speed and power and mastering the carve jibe.

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Starboard Go Windsurfer

Take the GO and add a daggerboard to make them extra-versatile, from lightwind conditions to windy planing conditions.

The GO Windsurfer is one size bigger at 171 litres, with more stability and more volume giving it more emphasis on progressing riders and beginners. Based on the GO 171 shape, it’s longer and narrower than the Atom IQ Windsurfer: a more ‘classic’ design. Like the Atom IQ windsurfer, removing or fitting in the daggerboard allows the rider to go sailing in light winds or high winds.


  • Wide outline for low speed stability, large sail and large fin carrying capability
  • NEW! Thinner profile for more control, maneuverability and a sharper, more exciting ride
  • Carry handle in the center makes carrying the board under-arm easy
  • Full soft EVA deck: comfortable for your feet, knees and elbows. You get lots of grip without the cuts or rashes. The EVA deck is raised high above the edges of the board to allow the water to flow freely around the board and carve jibe smoothly without interruption.
  • Footstraps positions for every level of sailing: beginner, intermediates and advanced.
  • Carry handle in the nose makes carrying the board by two people more convenient
  • NEW! Clipperbox daggerboard: clicks and out without tools. Use the daggerboard to stay upwind and reduce drift in light wind conditions. Remove the daggerboard for more speed and more control in high winds (planing conditions).
  • NEW! New precision CNC milled G10 Freeride Power fins

Go Windsurfer
Length: 271 cm
Width: 85,5 cm
Volume: 171 liters
Weight: 13,2 kg
Rec. sail range: 2.5 - 10.0 m2