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Starboard Isonic Speed W49

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Starboard Isonic Speed W49

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Starboard iSonic Speed 2014

The iSonic Speed Specials are the pure speed needles of our range

Technically advanced designs, they are reserved for the best of speed sailors who know what they need to go fast. Not just the feeling of going fast, but knowing that speed is the result of meticulous GPS measurements and the combination of hours of tuning with perfect riding expertise.

The two middle sizes, the W49 and W54, are designed for consistently fast runs throughout a wide range of conditions. These are the typical choices for speed riders on the tour.

In 2013, we introduced the latest and the largest size, the W58 is quite wide by speed-board standards. It is designed to deliver the highest possible top speed in relatively light wind conditions.

For 2014, the W44 is an entirely new board, specifically designed to reach a new speed record in Namibia this year.

What's New?

The W58 was the new shape for 2013. It has been designed by Rmi Vila as the top choice for all-round medium and light wind speed runs. It has a double concave front section feeding into a Vee tail, a 70 cm flat section, extra deep deck concave on the deck and super-efficient cut-away shapes in the tail.

The W44 shape is new for 2014, a tweaked design by Rmi Vila on the original W44 to go faster and hopefully set a new windsurfing speed record in Namibia this year. The board is thinner, shorter and with side-cuts in the tail to reduce the width of the wet surface area: more top end speed.

The shapes of the W49 and W54 continue to be Bjorns exact custom replicas, shaped by Carlos Sosa. They include very deep deck concaves that increase control and improve aerodynamics. They have a constant Vee bottom shape with a 70 cm flat.

The iSonic Speed Specials are built in a specially developed Speed Technology: a pure carbon construction with carbon overlapping-rail-wraps for maximum stiffness.

Key Features

(1) No-paint finish on the deck and rails for minimum weight

(2) Deep deck concave increases control and closes the gap between sail and deck

(3) Insert positions give two extra-narrow stance options

(4) Minimal pads for minimal weight
(5) Side-cuts on the W.44 and W. 58 to reduce the width of the wet surface and increase top-end speed with extended heel section to maintain good control

(6) Longer flat section for more speed in the lower wind range and higher average speeds


The deck, bottom and even the rail overlaps are pure carbon no waste, just pure energy delivery. No-paint finish on the deck and rails for minimum weight. Minimal pads for minimal weight.