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Tabou 18 Rocket 125 CED

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Tabou 18 Rocket 125 CED

ROCKET CLASSIC FREERIDER The Rocket is famous for being the most reliable and easy-to-use classic freeride board in the world.

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Everyone looking for an easy freeride board.

The Rocket offers the easy freedom of windsurfing. One of the favourite features of the
Rocket is the signature “soft-touch” feeling as the board cuts through chop. The Rocket
works with any kind of sail, from a no-cam wave sail to full-cam freeride. The Rocket
planes easily even in light and gusty wind. The 115, 125 and 135 were refined for 2018 to better
provide the classic combination of acceleration, maneuverability, and control. The Rocket
will still be a test winner for years to come.