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Tabou Bullit 2015

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Tabou Bullit 2015


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The Bullitt is the great all round freeride board. A durable and affordable solution that comes with a great shape for comfort on the run. 

A range of boards you can progress on all the way up to making your first jibe and beyond!


Davy Scheffers

“A lot of my student friends can afford this board and enjoy their day on the water, improving their level on it everyday and racing guys with much more expensive gear.”


2015 fabien vollenweider

The shape is based on the standard version of the Rocket range were we have adapted all the parameters (length, rocker etc) to work with this less expensive construction. With a stronger, more forgiving and affordable construction, the boards are easy to ride. Fun for all, regardless of whether you are a beginner, starting to windsurfing again or just want to take a spin on holiday. Soft and easy underfoot and wide enough for easy up hauling. The boards last no longer than the normal Rockets but they are designed so that even the hard “school life” cannot hurt them.

The complete range of Bullitts in sizes are 125, 135, 145 and 155. This inspiring range of boards makes sailing easy, fun and affordable!




New Shape / Modified

Bullitt 125

Bullitt 135

Bullitt 145

Bullitt 155




The perfect affordable board and in a very robust construction. A variety of strap vpositions offer the possibility to tune the board exactly to your needs.

T-LAB Fins

Footstrap Technology