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Tabou Speedster 79 LTD 2015

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Tabou Speedster 79 LTD 2015

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When you want the best of both worlds, top speed and freeride easiness, look no further than the SPEEDSTER!
The development of these boards comes right from the Manta range for speed, and the Rocket range for maneuverability. You get it all in one great range of boards! A plethora of footstrap locations allow you to custom set up the board for your particular style and water conditions.


Cedric Bordes

“The Speedster makes me smile! I can blast down the reach and pass my friends, jibing like a hero! I find these boards to be the ultimate free ride fun machine.”


2015 fabien vollenweider

Ultra-fast and easy to handle make the Speedster shapes the perfect compromise for going fast and in control. If you are not racing in slalom events these boards are set up tohave fast GPS times and give you an easy and controllable board. All boards come with state of the art T-Lab fins and you have a winning combination for the perfect freeride board, all in one package.

The great 2014 shapes of the Speedster 69, 75, 79, 85 and 89 stay current for 2015.

On these boards we worked on outline, rocker, bottom shape and foil section. The outlines are inspired from the Manta but with a much narrower tail and totally new cutout that reduces the drag. It stays wide very far back and then suddenly gets narrow with this special tail. This gives a lot of acceleration in the front part and good top speed when fully on the tail. The rocker-lines are similiar to the Mantas but with a longer flat section to increase stability.




Speedster 65 LTD

  Speedster 69 LTD

Speedster 75 LTD


Speedster 79 LTD

  Speedster 85 LTD
  Speedster 89 LTD



Speedster 65 CED

Speedster 69 CED

Speedster 75 CED

Speedster 79 CED

Speedster 85 CED
Speedster 89 CED




Freeriding on Steroids! The Speedsters have proven design features of the racing Manta shapes but with added ease and comfort. No more excuses not to blast past your friends and smoke them around the turns!

T-LAB Fins

Footstrap Technology