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Unifiber iSup Electric Air Pump 12V-1.4 Bar

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Unifiber iSup Electric Air Pump 12V-1.4 Bar

iSup Electric Air Pump 12V - 1.4 Bar / 20 PSI Safe your energy for the paddling and windsurfing!
€ 129,00

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 With this pump you inflate your board in a short time up to 20 PSI. Just choose your desired pressure and the pump automatically stops when it has reached it. After your session you can use the deflation port to quickly pack and store your board again without any effort.

Pros & Cons

  • Max pressure 20 PSI
  • Dual stage pump: 1. Extra fast pumping at low pressure; 2. Normal speed to reach high pressure.
  • Automatic stop when selected pressure is reached
  • Inflates a 10'7" iSUP board in 4 min 30 s to 10 PSI, in 8 min 30 s to 15 PSI
  • Deflation port
  • 1,70 m quality hose and 3 m power cord
  • Power input: 12V. Works on the cigarette plug of your car.