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Vandal Stitch 2014

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Vandal Stitch 2014


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Wwatch out, here comes the Vandal STITCH.

You better watch out, here comes the winner- super fast no cam Freeride / Freerace sail in our 2014 Range The STITCH.
Now with even more top end speed and early planning power thanks to modified profile, the updated short clew concept and the awesome looking new colored monofilm for long lasting UV protection.

This freeride/freerace engine will redefine your top-end potential. Blistering speeds, come from a super stable package featuring a rigid skeleton of composite tube battens. The short clew concept in combination with the new profile deliver you increase top end speed and better control. This short clew concept allows you to use even the big Stitch sails like 8sqm with a Wave Freestyle boom from 150 to 210cm.

 Freerace power profiles provide a powerful early planning entry and terrorizing top-end speed.
 Specially crafted tube battens keep the bigger sizes rock solid.
 Colored Monofilm and Xply Luff panel provides a rock solid platform, locking profiles in place over a huge windrange.
 Foldback tack patching and silicon batten bumpers keep stitching from grinding on the asphalt.
 Heat pressed tack fairing with integral rigging handle protects boards and feet.
 Super protective sock stitching head to tack keeps you out of the repair shop and on the water.
 Strap-On system keeps sails organized in the back of your pickup.