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 Windsurfer 19  LT Race Edition

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Windsurfer 19 LT Race Edition

WINDSURFER LT (RACE) To continue the celebration of its 40-year anniversary, COBRA International Co. Ltd. (COBRA), the leading manufacturer of premium Windsurf, SUP, Kite and Surf boards, and a global supplier of composites for the Automotive, Architectural, Transportation and Luxury Accessories markets, has formally launched the mass production of the new Windsurfer LT.
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Seeing a downward trend in beginner interest, partly due to the dominance of boards and sails meant for extreme conditions, the Windsurfer LT is an advanced composite windsurf board that aims to take the sport back to its roots and provide a single platform that can be raced, used for teaching or freestyle and even paddled as a stand-up paddleboard (SUP) on no wind days.

The Windsurfer LT began life as an internal development project at COBRA in late 2016. Tasked with addressing the decreasing numbers of people windsurfing regularly, Bruce Wylie – Former World Race champion and Head of COBRA Watersports – conceived a simple, cost effective board that would appeal to beginners as well as the more advanced sailor and that could be enjoyed across the widest possible wind range.

Prototypes were built at COBRA’s factory in Thailand and tested throughout 2017, with the team going through several design iterations before arriving at the perfect combination of board shape, rocker, underwater profile and weight. Inspiration was taken from classic boards of the past, but also referencing the latest processing ideas and the final board was created using a lightweight EPS core, glass combi fabrics and a bio based foaming epoxy via Cobra’s Advanced Surf Technology (AST) process. The resulting board is 6.5kg lighter than an equivalent design in traditional materials, and plans to evaluate a fully recycled EPS core option for the future are in progress.

The Windsurfer Class Association, who are also celebrating their own 50th anniversary this year, became involved with the project during the testing and evaluation phase and were so impressed that the Australian, Italian and Japanese fleets have voted to adopt the new boards as standard equipment. With several large windsurf industry brands also interested in the new board, COBRA’s standardized production lines and rigorous online quality control is perfectly placed to rapidly ramp up for high volume global supply.